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Welcome MBCSC

We welcome you to our amazing website Winnipeg Community Services. We are proud of this resource because it is a hub for all the different resources in the area. We all welcome and embrace the diversity of our community, and the ability to help those during a time of need. Access to the right services can help someone get over a hurdle. In some instances, it can completely transform their quality of life.

We feel this platform is valuable and offers all the resources from the community in one spot. We focus on three key areas, but there are resources for everyone. These main areas include services for seniors in Winnipeg, ending homelessness, and immigration resources.


What Community Services Are There?

Helping The Homeless

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Seniors Community Services

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New Immigration Help

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Here It Is…

We are up to the challenge of offering a way to connect individuals in the community with the correct resources for their needs. This is a united effort with many partners in the community. All of us want to see our community get stronger, and that happens when we work as a team to tackle unmet needs. We want everyone to have a chance for success, and often, such resources provide that opportunity.

Embracing Immigrants coming to the Area

Winnipeg welcomes immigrants coming to the area. They help the economy by filling open jobs. They bring diversity to create a culture that is unique and inspiring. We offer a wealth of information on the website about resources specifically for newcomers. Immigrants don’t have to figure it all out on their own. Such resources will help them get settled and feel welcome in the community.

Assistance with employment, language, cultural orientation, healthcare, and more are available. Offering valuable resources to newcomers encourages them to stay in Winnipeg. It gets them on the path to a great place to live and work. It helps them feel like they belong and then will become part of the community efforts to ensure Winnipeg thrives.

Services to Assist with Homelessness

It is hard to focus on anything in life when you are homeless. The concerns here in Winnipeg are being addressed through various resources. Our website includes educational information to raise awareness about the concerns. We also have resources including outreach programs, Housing First, and efforts to prevent a person from becoming homeless. The goal of these programs is to help individuals and families become stable and thrive.

Safe, affordable housing is at the top of the list in Winnipeg to reduce homelessness. There are other factors too that must be addressed. Sometimes it is due to mental health issues or substance abuse that a person is living on the streets. For others, they need help improving skills that will assist with securing a job to pay their living costs.

Improving the Well-Being of Seniors in the Community

Winnipeg is proud of the many resources extended to seniors in the community. They aren’t forgotten or sitting home alone. There are plenty of contributions they have made and continue to make to the core of the community. Our website has plenty of resources to promote a better quality of life both physically and mentally for seniors.

There are listings of events and social clubs they can be involved with. They may have a desire to volunteer in the community. Our website has information on how they can do so and places that need volunteers. Other resources ensure seniors can get the help they need in their homes or with transportation. All of this helps them stay as independent as possible as they get older.

Empowering Everyone

We provide so much more than just services in the area through our website. It is designed to empower everyone. It gives all a chance to make connections, gather information, and reach out for help when they need it. There are inspiring stories of success, articles you will find informative, and educational information on the platform.

We couldn’t do any of this without community partners, government agencies, non-profits, and individuals in the community. Each piece is part of the overall picture in this diverse culture. We keep our web pages current so you can find accurate information when you visit our website.

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