Manitoba Community Services Council awards funds to successful applicants in the form of cash grants. Council makes the decision on if they would like to support a project and the amount to fund.  MCSC funds are not intended to substitute for existing sources of financial support. MCSC should not be considered as a permanent funding source. Grants may be approved at a lesser amount than requested or approval may be given for only a specific part of a request.

Emergency/Critical Repair Process

Organizations can apply under the Emergency/Critical Repair process when an operational or structural element of a building/facility poses immediate danger to the safety and health of that facility’s occupants. Please contact MCSC for more information.


MCSC accepts applications continuously throughout the year. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received. The Council generally meets monthly to review applications. There is normally a three to four month period between receipt of an application and Council's decision on funding.  However, wait times may vary depending on the number of applications submitted.

MCSC will not accept more than one application from an organization within a 12 month period, from grant approval.

MCSC's complete Grant Application Package  is available to download and print out.

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