MCSC shall review applications for funding and determine the amounts to be allocated after considering the following:

  • The organization applying must be a non-profit body which seeks funds for a purpose deemed by the Council to be a community service within the Province of Manitoba and serving more of the community than the self-interest of the Board of Directors of the organization;
  • Its management must be directed by a duly constituted board of volunteers which assumes accountability to the community and meets at least four times a year (the board shall serve without remuneration);
  • The organization must be in existence for at least one year and its latest financial statements must be provided.
  • It must have a plan of organization, develop an annual budget and operate on a sound financial basis. It must maintain an adequate system of records and reports and issue an annual financial report which is available to the general public;
  • It must make effective use of volunteers where possible;
  • If it employs staff, they must be qualified by training and/or experience;
  • It must demonstrate that the organization is capable of carrying out the activity

MCSC will consider requests for:

  • Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Operating Costs
  • Program Costs
  • Vehicles
  • Special Projects
  • Emergency Capital Only (please contact us for more information)

The following will be considered in evaluating requests:

  • The community need for the funding requested and the reasonableness of the request.
  • The ability of the organization to effectively use the funds for the benefit of the community.
  • The cost of operating the organization.
  • The availability of funding from the organization's own resources and other sources.
  • The need of the organization in relation to the need of other organizations applying for funding.

Grants will not be available for:

  • Capital projects (renovations, improvements, building etc.) Only emergency projects MAY qualify
  • research project
  • services which are primarily government mandated 
  • funding of medical research and medical equipment
  • funding of art, multi-cultural, heritage, historical, sports, or formal education - these applications should be directed to the other umbrellas
  • individual, religious or political purposes
  • professional or paraprofessional activities of societies/associations
  • organizations whose prime purpose is fundraising
  • funding costs of fund-raising projects
  • foundations, fraternal, service clubs or any organization for the purpose of accumulating funds for future, unspecified community service needs, or to provide funds to other groups or individuals. These organizations are encouraged to act as advocates/volunteers for other community service organizations. 



MCSC's complete Grant Application Package is available to download and print out.


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