Checklist and Helpful Hints

Below is a Checklist and Helpful Hints of how to provide information in your application package. If you need help with creating a Project Budget, Organization Budget, or Financial Statements please see Helpful Hints.

Project Description

Please provide the following information:

  1. Describe the project, including the purpose of the project and goals.
  2. Describe the involvement of members of your community and other organizations in the development and implementation of the project.
  3. Describe the need for the project, stating its significance to the community.
  4. Provide a detailed project budget indicating costs by category and other funding sources approached for support and responses to date (include BOTH revenue and expense sides of project budget).
  5. Include copies of at least two estimates for furniture and equipment or vehicle acquisitions.
  6. Identify sources of financial support for the ongoing operating costs of the project.

Organization Information

Briefly provide the following information:

  1. What is the purpose of the organization? Please provide background as well.
  2. Describe how and to what extent volunteers are used in your organization.
  3. What services are provided? (Include target population, geographic area and number of people served.)
  4. What is the annual operating budget?
  5. Who are the major operational funders?

The following checklist of attachments MUST be included in your application package:

  1. __ Completed Application Form
  2. __ List of Board of Directors and Officers
  3. __ Organization Information (see details above)
  4. __ Project Description (see details above)
  5. __ Project Budget (see "Helpful Hints" section)
  6. __ Copies of at least 2 Written Estimates (furniture, equipment, vehicles etc)
  7. __ Income and Expense Budget for the Current Fiscal Year (see "Helpful Hints" section)
  8. __Year End Board Approved Signed Financial Statements (see "Helpful Hints" section)
  9. __Annual Report (if applicable)

Preparing a Project Budget

The Project Budget gives a picture of your overall project and what your group is trying to accomplish. The Project Budget should outline the total Expenses of the project and how the total Revenue for the project will be raised. The Revenue amounts probably will be projections of what you hope to raise from fundraising and grants, as your group may not have final amounts at the time you are submitting the application. Following is an example of a Project Budget - not all sources of revenue may be available but the following are given as examples:

This example is for purchasing equipment and furniture. Your group can use this example as a guide when preparing your Project Budget.





















Total Revenue


Total Expenses



Preparing a Financial Statement

Please prepare your Financial Statement in the following format. A sample financial statement with more details is available within the Grant Application Package:

Preparing an Organization Budget

Please prepare your Organizational Budget in the following format. Attached is a sample statement of revenue and expenses that can be used by groups in preparing a budget. We have identified revenue and expenses common to a variety of non- profit organizations. (Note-it is not all-inclusive).

MCSC's complete Grant Application Package is available to download and print out.


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