Assessment Process

MCSC will acknowledge the receipt of each grant application and will assign an application number.

Please quote your assigned application number on all future correspondence with MCSC.

Applications for funding are reviewed on the basis of written submissions only. All information supplied is treated as confidential. MCSC staff members are available for assistance with applications.

Funding decisions are made in formal MCSC meetings. Council members declare a conflict of interest if they have a direct association with an organization applying for funding.

MCSC is flexible in its granting policy in order to be able to respond to changing needs in the community.

Whether or not an organization receives a grant, the amount of such grant will be based on MCSC's judgment of the organization's need, the needs of other community organizations and MCSC's anticipated revenues.

All allocations will be made on a ONE-TIME only basis. Organizations may reapply, however, MCSC must be satisfied that the organization's need continues to exist and that it is of a higher priority for funding than the needs of other organizations.

MCSC funds are not intended to substitute for existing sources of financial support. MCSC should not be considered as a permanent funding source. Grants may be approved at a lesser amount than requested or approval may be given for only a specific part of a request.


A holdback of 20% is instituted on all grant allocations of $5,000 and greater. The holdback will be paid out when satisfactory reports and financial statements are provided to support the use of funds received. Organizations failing to make this interim report will forfeit their holdback.

Reporting Requirements

MCSC requires that organizations report on their grant within two years from grant approval. Organizations who fail to provide reporting could forfeit their holdback or future grants. Once total grant monies have been utilized, organizations must provide the following:  a written narrative on the project and outcome, paid invoices/receipts, financial statements showing the receipt and expenditures of MCSC's grant, and digital pictures if possible.  




MCSC's complete Grant Application Package is available to download and print out.


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